Success with Wyndham 16,000 Points Posting

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This past Summer, Wyndham held a promotion where you would receive 16,000 points after one stay at a participating hotel. You could earn these bonus points up to three stays for a total of 48,000 points. The terms specifically stated that you must have received the email to qualify, which I did, and I went ahead and completed three stays.

Out of pocket I spent $184.75 on stays I really didn’t need, although I did utilize one stay to break up a 4 hour trip. Per the terms of the promotion the points were supposed to post 6-8 weeks after the stay. Well 13 weeks later and many phone calls and no points. The past month I’ve been not too happy with Wyndham to say the last, and I believe many others are facing the same issue. The customer service reps can’t do anything and the supervisors have been pretty useless. They put together a team to work on the issues from this promotion and they have actually been the least helpful. Yesterday I received a generic email stating “We are researching the issue.” Pretty unacceptable from customer service in my opinion. After realizing that the customer service team wouldn’t do anything, I asked to speak to an operations manager. I left a message with the operations manager and 24 hours later my points were manually posted by this person and I received a personal phone call. If you’ve been facing the same issue, I highly suggest going this route.

While I am very very happy to get my 48,000 points, I still have a sour taste in my mouth regarding the Wyndham Rewards program. I actually am not quite sure I’ve ever received such poor customer service in my life. Nothing I was told actually happened, from the fact that my points would post in 5 business days 6 weeks ago to someone would email me or call me. I really will think twice before ever participating in one of their promotions again. I think they have a long way to go to enhance their credibility.

But, my points have posted, and these 48,000 points will probably be used by transferring them to Southwest next year. I earned 5,400 Southwest points by crediting my stays to miles instead of hotel points, and these 48k points will equal another 14,400 points. Overall, these 19,800 points is equivalent to $330 towards future Southwest travel. As I stated before, the amount I spent out of pocket was $184.75. For me this is $145 of free travel money (although there is an opportunity cost there as I won’t be earning miles while redeeming, but that is fine by me!).

These points will also count towards the Southwest companion pass which is the main reason why I am selecting Southwest over another partner airline. If I had selected another airline I could have gotten a total of 23,700 miles. Based on my out of pocket cost, that is like buying points for .61 cents/mile which is great!

Thank you Wyndham for finally posting my points, but please please please fix your customer service. An extra 5 weeks and MANY phone calls later is just not acceptable!

Anyone else having this issue?

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  1. Speak of the devil! I just got off the phone with them –and just like you–nada. The rep told me ” they are researching the issue blah blah blah and taht one someone would ‘contact me’. Im glad I saw your posting as I will do what you did…thank you !!!

  2. I had no problems. Two of my bonuses posted right away with the points for the stay. The third one just posted this week, right on target for the 6-8 weeks later, lucky for me as I was starting to dread having to call them since I had been reading the flyertalk complaints.

  3. I am so glad I stayed away from this fiasco. Even for the AAdvantage point conversion, I just had a bad taste from all the back and forth I was seeing on FT, and just decided to stay away. Sounds like the absolute worst for customer service!

  4. I got the first 32000 points fairly quickly. The trouble was with the Florida booking and Wyndham customer service was less than helpful. The bonus was finally given after requesting an AMEX inquiry for the room charge. If I wasn’t persistent I think they would have stiffed me.

  5. I opened cc disputes with Chase over my two charged “stays” in Denver. The hotel didn’t even post the 1,000 points I bought with the higher booking rate. Not worth the hassle. Not a brand I will do business with in the future.

  6. Wyndham reps wanted me to send them a receipt of my trip via email or fax. So I did. Even after three more weeks went by, no points. Resent a Missing Points request and repeated to them the steps that they requested and the fact that I sent them a receipt and the points finally posted.

  7. I sent an excerpt from my credit card statement to the info posted on Flyertalk a month or so ago, and got my points posted within a couple of days.

  8. Actually had very little trouble. A rep on FlyerTalk PM’ed me, asking me to send them folios. I sent them along (had to call the hotels individually as they posted) and each time the points posted within a few days. Early enough in fact that I got them in before the UA hotel points to miles promotion was over, which I hadn’t really expected. All my points posted properly, and based on the good advice I got on the blogs I avoided the Florida property, booked two of the three nights with +1000 point rates and thus ended up with a nice conversion amount that left relatively few points stranded at Wyndham.

    Worked out for me this time.

    Now that Petsmart thing…

    Sorry to hear about your troubles.

  9. Last year I succeeded in getting the 16,000 points for my husband’s account for this Wyndham promotion. However, I am interested in transferring them for Southwest points — is that doable ? How ? Or need I have asked for the 16,000 points in SW miles to start with – didn’t think that was an option then. Thanks for your help !

    • @sandy – You can transfer Wyndham points to Southwest points at a ratio of 8,000 Wyndham points = 2,400 Rapid Reward points. This means your 16,000 Wyndham points will equal 4,800 RR points, equivalent to $80.

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