How to get Mrs. Deals worked up

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Another blog post from Mr. Deals…

Here’s what I don’t understand, what’s the point of accumulating all of those points if you aren’t going to use them? I mean what happens if the companies out there decide to just get rid of their points programs or just continue to devalue the rewards? Well, this is a view I think my dad holds. And sometimes, this view tends to get Mrs. Deals a little worked up.

The story goes like this. Every year, my two brothers and I convene at a spot in southern New Hampshire for a little weekend on the slopes. It’s become an annual tradition and is a good way for the three of us, who all live away from one another, to gather and have some fun for the weekend. Typically my dad will just go and reserve a hotel for us, just because. We can’t complain at all about that. What gets Mrs. Deals in a frenzy though is how he typically uses points, because he’s not getting the best possible redemption value.

It has become one of these things that she has learned to accept, I think, though it seems like every year I hear “wait, did your dad book a place on points again?” Typically the answer is yes, and you know what, I can’t argue with that. He’s got a lot of points, so why not put them to use right? I think she has a hard time stomaching it. It’s almost become comical at this point. There’s this hidden frustration where she gets to the point of saying “I don’t want to talk about it.” All I can do is laugh.

Meanwhile, I look at Mrs. Deals and she seems to be a points hoarder. It has to be the absolute best possible redemption value for us to even dip into our pool of points. I mean at what point do the companies come after you to start redeeming some of these points and miles? I have a feeling we will get that phone call when they do.

As for my dad, thanks, we love that you contribute to our boys weekend. Feel free to book however you’d like. At the very least it makes for some new blog content and a fun discussion with Mrs. Deals.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone!

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  1. As you mentioned, at least your father is using those points! It sounds like he’s less a hoarder than “Oh, hey, I can use points for this instead of cash!”

  2. If she is the knowledgeable one about miles/points, doesn’t it make more sense to talk with her in advance rather than posting snark after the fact?

    I’m sure you have your areas of expertise … why not let hers shine without your public tarnish?

    Anyhoo, seems like the issues you bring up here would be good discussion points with her rather than using this forum to tell her she’s wrong — and a hoarder — in public.

    • @colleen – thanks for having my back but it’s totally okay! I approve all posts prior to them being posted so I’m cool with it. I must admit, I do hoard and wouldn’t always recommend it.

  3. I don’t understand why people care how other people use their points. On flyertalk you will see posters chastise others for using miles to take their young family to grandmother’s house because it is not the optimum dollar value redemption. “They could have gone to Paris in F!” Yet these same posters would likely get on flyertalk and complain about their dreadful flight if the young family with their children followed the posters advice and were sitting next to them in F on their trip to Paris.

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