Mr. Deals is sick of getting yelled at…

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So some of you might remember my post from last Sunday. My big announcement that I’ve finally been able to coerce Mr. Deals (my husband) into writing again as my Sunday feature. While he does have a few posts ready to go, I first wanted to feature some of his favorite posts from the past. So both last weeks and this weeks post are repeats, but I still hope you enjoy. He has promised me he will make his grand entrance next Sunday so stay tuned.

This is a post from June 2012 and will give you some idea on what Mr. Deals thinks about this crazy world of points and miles!

“Mr. Deals, why are you using that credit card?! Mr. Deals, make sure you use that credit card at dinner! Mr. Deals that card gives you 2x points, come on!” I’ve had it people. I have too many credit cards thanks to Mrs. Deals.

This is what I’ve got in my wallet. Chase Sapphire Preferred, Starwood Amex, Amex Business Gold, AA Visa, Hilton Amex and Hilton Visa. I try to keep 2 of these cards for work only, typically the Starwood Amex and the AA Visa (for flights). The Amex Business Gold will get the big purchases, while the Chase Sapphire Preferred is for everyday stuff. The Hilton cards are floaters since I’ve had them forever and occasionally get some use, but not really. It may not sound like a system, but it works for me.

So yesterday, Mrs. Deals decides she’s got a problem with my card usage. Out of nowhere, “Mr. Deals, what card are you using on your client dinners?!” My response, “honey, typically I use my Starwood card when I’m out with clients so that I can keep track of my work expenses in one place.” Mrs. Deals nearly had a heart attack. “Don’t you know you get 2x points on dining with your Chase Sapphire Preferred?!”

Truth be told, I probably knew this, but I can’t keep track of all these things. That’s her job. I’m just along for the ride here to do what she tells me. Isn’t that how marriages work? Mrs. Deals, I think I have a solution that we can implement so I don’t have to text or call you before every single purchase I make. How about we get a label maker and throw some labels on these credit cards to tell me when I should use them? Yeah, it will ruin that cool look of the Chase Sapphire card, but I guess it’s the price I’ll have to pay to get those extra points, and to stop getting yelled at!

Until next week…

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