IHG “Surprises” are Here!!

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Yesterday I wrote a post titled “Radio Silence for IHG’s Surprise Promotion” and included my experience with not receiving any prizes from the offer even though it had been more then 5 business days. With that being said, I just received 6 emails from IHG Rewards Club with the subject line: “You qualify for a Priceless Surprise®!”. I am extremely excited to see that the promotion is actually working like planned and prizes are being sent out!

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 12.50.09 PM

Even though I sent in 10 entry forms at the same exact time, I only received 6 emails. That either means there is a backlog getting to all of them still or for whatever reason some of my entries didn’t qualify and were thrown away. I am going to assume that the emails for the remaining 4 will come within the next few days.

As expected, I received 500 bonus points as prizes for all 6 entries. A few readers commented on prior posts that they received 1,000 bonus point prizes as well. The site says to check your email on how to redeem the points, but I cannot find any information. I just my IHG account and no 500 bonus points have been deposited, but I’ll keep on checking.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 12.51.31 PM

For those wondering, I hand wrote all information required on a 3×5 unlined notecard and hand wrote the mailing address and return address on the envelope. I am sure within the next few hours we will receive reports on what worked/what did not work from other readers. If you have any success stories, please comment below letting others know what you did.

Ultimately, it looks like the minimum for 47,000 IHG bonus points will work for anyone that wants to put in the effort and a little bit of money (approx $50). You can also read more about this promotion on these two prior blog posts: 1) Spend $46 and Earn at Least 47,000 Points; and 2) Preparing for LOTS of IHG Points

What did you all win?!

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  1. Lined 3X5 cards should not make a difference correct? I sent out 5 entries on the 18th, so will look forward to getting emails early next week.

  2. Great to hear! I sent all 94 of my entries in throughout the past 2 weeks. My wife’s entries will be spread more apart. Let’s see how it goes

  3. I submitted around 15 and have yet to receive a single email. I staggered them a few days apart from each other just in case.

  4. I sent all of mine at once but didn’t put a return address on the envelopes. Also did not include the R (for registered trademark) in the mailing address. I also put them in index cards. I hope those issues do not disqualify me. Have not received any email even though I sent them 11/15 and registered for the promo.

  5. I just received emails for 5 out of the 10 letters I sent (I hope my terrible penmanship didn’t prevent the other five from qualifying). Handwritten on 3×5 lined card, addressed handwritten with no return address.4 were 500 points, one was 2000!

    • did you write on the lined side of the index card?

      Also – did you use titles like these to fill out the info?


      • Finally yesterday received 29 emails! I probably sent around that many in my first batch, so I’m hoping for more.

        I wrote on blank index cards, no labels. My penmanship is terrible.

  6. I’d be interest to hear from anyone who used a non-IHG MasterCard as I don’t have one yet. I having a family member with no credit cards (bad credit) do this with a prepaid MC (gift card) to see if it works for them.

  7. I sent in 90 entries ranging from 10 to 20 at a time (leaving 4 entries open for stays just in case). Hand written address (including the trademarks) but pre stamped return address labels. Used an unlined 3×5 card. Did not write the category headers (NAME, ADDRESS, etc.) except for IHG# and MC#. Wrote the same number twice for day and eve phone and used the first 6 of my IHG MC.

    Received my first email today and won 500 points. Hopefully everyone’s will start trickling in.

  8. I sent in 30 on lined 3×5 cards and got 30 emails. All 500 points except the first one that was 1,000. I got all the emails at once btw.

  9. I sent in half of the maximum entries (47) when you first reported on the promotion. This afternoon I got 43 emails – again, missing a few like you – and have had mostly 500 point rewards with a few 1,000 too (and I’ve only played the game ~20 times). Providing they credit to my IHG account correctly, the next 47 will be going in the mail next week!

  10. I used preprinted return address labels and then printed the to: labels. I did use index cards with lines. I mailed 30 in for me 20 for hubby. I just got 22 emails to my email address and most were 500 point winners and a few were 1000 winners. I got an error message when I tried to click through the game on the last two emails. Not sure why. Hubby hasn’t received his yet but I expect them to follow soon. I guess I better finish writing the rest of these index cards.

  11. I sent in 94 a few weeks ago, all in one day. Just received 58 emails. I have only “played the game” to see what I earned twice so far, and while the first one said I won 500 point, the second one I opened up said “While you didn’t win this time. Complete another stay before February 15 for another chance to win. Now, send a Priceless Surprise link to friends!” Anyone else have this happen to them?!?

  12. Also, it seems to me (not that I’ve played 6 times) that all the 500 point “wins” come with a firework background. The one where I didn’t win anything showed a background of Paris instead, which made me get really excited for a moment – I thought I’d won a larger prize!

  13. Nothing yet for me, but I was a couple days late. I will send out the last batch by this weekend. I might be “surprised” a lot over the next few weeks!
    Wrote out the envelopes, didn’t bother return addressing the envelopes, and didn’t label the fields on my cards.

  14. Other data points: I sent my 94 submissions on lined index cards, included the (r)’s in the address, and DID NOT INCLUDE A RETURN ADDRESS. I accidentally did a bunch of the cards “incorrectly” in the sense that for a bunch of them I initially forgot to put my email address on them. I added the email address to the bottom of them once I realized and the rest with the information in the proper “order,” so to speak. I wonder is this is why I’ve only gotten 58/94 emails, but I feel a bit reassured that other people haven’t gotten all of theirs yet, either.

  15. I did all 94, mailed them in November 11th or 12th using a non-ihg MasterCard. I got 86 emails, 3-1000, 1-2000, 1-5000, all others were 500.

    • I did all 58 of the emails I’ve received and came out with: (2) 1,000 (1) 2,000 (1) 5,000, (2) NO POINTS, and all the rest 500.

  16. I received two entries after 20+ have been mailed. i’m hopeful too. 3×5″ paper (not notecards), handwritten entry and address on envelopes.

    500 miles “won” on each entry.

  17. I got one of the emails this morning and “won” 500 points as expected. FYI to someone who asked above, I used a non-IHG MasterCard at time of submitting (four) entries by mail, having not yet received my IHG card. Seems the issuer doesn’t matter.

    FYI also that to the contest administrator’s credit, it didn’t matter than I jumped the gun and mailed the entries before the official opening of the entry acceptances (missed than in first reading of the rules). Some contests would have just pitched my entries but they obviously just kept mine in the pile until they were able to start their process.

    If I get the other three entries by email, I plan to go back to the well and send in more entries.

  18. I sent in 94 entries that first week but in 2 different loads. I received 66 emails today and won 500 points 61 times, 2 wins @ 2,000 points, and 3 wins @ 1,000 points for a total of 37,500 IHG points. It was super fun for all of us to pick numbers between 1 and 6. We were hoping for bigger prizes but this was great. Since I mailed them at different times, I’m still hoping to get more e-mails. How fun IHG. I am closer to the award I was hoping for. I have not yet received the confirm your prize e-mails though. I used printed mailing labels but hand wrote the lined index cards. Thanks for the blog on how to do this!

  19. I used a ruled index card and used the back side that isn’t ruled. Still nothing yet but will update if that method works.

  20. You can’t tell for sure what will get your entry kicked out, but at least some instances of all the below circumstances made it. Of course there are presumably PEOPLE reviewing these, so inconsistencies are possible.

    3 by 5 paper (not index card)
    Ruled 3 by 5 index card
    Unruled 3 by 5 index cards
    Back of 3 by 5 ruled index cards
    No return address
    Return address label
    No ® in address
    Mailing labels

    It seems if you handwrite on some 3 by 5 paper (including index cards – ruled or otherwise) and presumably include the correct info, you’re OK. The envelope, return address or not, mailing label or not, (R) or not, seem to be OK

  21. Sorry. The back of the ruled index card is not confirmed, but these SEEM OK

    3 by 5 paper (not index card)
    Ruled 3 by 5 index card
    Unruled 3 by 5 index cards
    No return address
    Return address label
    No ® in address
    Printed mailing labels

  22. I just won 5k points! I have only played 3 so far got 500 on my other two. So excited. I sent 60 on and got about 55 entries today. I wrote everything out on 3×5 blank cards, hand wrote address and return label, but didn’t put the ® sign.

  23. I did 3 right away. I got two 500 points and one $50 MasterCard code which apparently I will receive by email in 6-8 weeks.

  24. I sent out 10 cards as a test but only received 2 e-mails today. I thought we would get 10 e-mails with “unique” links to the games like everyone is saying however after I played my two games (500 prize and 5,000 prize) I went back into the e-mail and clicked the same links again and I was able to play it over and over again and kept winning 500 points until around 10 games later it said I had no more available and to try to do an eligible stay by Feb 15. Maybe they inputted 10 games in only 2 e-mails but the link was the same??

  25. I sent in 40, but 20 of them were accidentally mailed on Nov. 11 (before contest began). I received 25 emails today and received all 500 points except one 5,000 (that was exciting!), two 2,000 (also exciting) and 2 1,000. (So, some of the too-early entries apparently counted).

    I used lined 3×5 cards (it’s easier to write on)
    Did not include Registered trademark in address
    Hand-wrote everything except used a return address label

    Just started filling out more… after my hand cramps ended, it was fun seeing what I won. 20,500 points so far!

  26. Mailed 25 entries on 11/13/15. Used lined index cards and neatly printed all the requested info.
    I printed the mailing address then cut and taped it to the envelope.
    I used pre printed return address labels.

    I haven’t received ANY notices.

  27. Sent in ten entries. Received 8 replies so far. Had one winner for 5000 and another for 2000. The remaining six were 500. Used unlined index cards.

  28. My husband received 5 emails today–all 500 points except 1 $50 MasterCard win (he did have to enter his information, an email came immediately after , telling him the code would come to his email in 8-10 weeks).
    I received 6 emails, all 500 points except for 1-5000 point win.

  29. I filled out 50 and got them in the first day possible. Filled them out exactly as prescribed. Haven’t received any emails yet. Anybody else in the same boat?

  30. I still haven’t received any yet :-/ I sent all of them in one push 🙁

    I’ll update if I start getting any emails in.
    If it does work, I’m going to start them for my wife!!!

    **here’s to hope**

  31. I used 3×5 index cards (lined) and handwrote those and handwrote the envelopes. I sent in 14… received 1 email Friday, so I’m hoping the other 13 are just backlogged and will come Monday.

    I used the first 6 digits of the Citi Prestige card, which is 552479.

  32. what email address and subject line are they coming from? want to make sure gmail isn’t sending them to Spam or promotions folders where they get missed. thanks.

  33. I sent 94 the weekend before November 15. I had registered for the promotion prior to that. I still have not received one single email. I also sent my husband’s letters (all 94) the same weekend, and he only got 5 emails this past weekend. We both have gmail. I truly hope the emails come through, I am anxious to play!

  34. i didn’t use index card i cut out 3×5 paper and wrote on them. i haven’t received ANY emails so far. sent on 11/15 and 11/23.. 10 each time….

  35. I received a number of emails staying I had gotten a ‘surprise.’ I clicked through, played the game and won 500 points about 12 hours ago. I have yet to recieve an email with directions on how to claim those points. Has anyone else had this problem?

  36. I got some emails this morning and they were 500 points, but then some of them were complete duds where I won nothing. WTH! I thought I would at least win 500 on each entry. No I have not read each and every comment that every body has written on every blog. I just thought that I had read we would at least win 500 per entry.

    • My husband and I have both received at least 500 points for each of the entries we sent in (probably 70 total, or so). My guess is that you had a browser or connection problem–did you try to take the link again?

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