Update: Amazon Canceling Spafinder Gift Card Orders, For Some

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A few days ago I wrote about an amazing opportunity to purchase a $100 Spafinder Wellness 365 gift card + a $20 Amazon gift card for only $50! This was a pricing glitch and unfortunately Amazon is not honoring the order for many of the transactions. I received the following email from a blog reader:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.22.20 PM

While I am sure it is somewhere in Amazons T&C that they do not have to honor a price glitch, the way they are handling this issue isn’t the best in my opinion. When you went to order the bundle practice, they broke out the transaction into two purchases – a $100 Spafinder gift card for $30 and a $20 Amazon gift card for $20. Amazon is ONLY canceling the $100 Spafinder gift card purchase and still having the Amazon gift card purchase go through. This means many people who purchased this due to the bundled package are still having to pay $20 for a $20 Amazon gift card – no “deal” in my book.

I personally received all of my Spafinder gift cards today so have not tried to pick a battle with Amazon. But I have read of a few reports where dissatisfied customers were able to get the $20 Amazon gift card credited back. Some were successful on Amazon chat while others had to speak to a supervisor over the phone. From what I’ve read, to get the purchase amount credited and the Amazon gift card deactivated has taken a good amount of time, so you’ll need to figure out whether or not that time spent is worth it to you. Amazon is giving affected accounts a $5 promotional credit, so you can always think of it as purchasing a $25 Amazon gift card for only $20 and receiving a 20% discount. Some readers have also been able to get an even greater promotional credit as a goodwill gesture.

As all other glitches and mistakes, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. In this case, it seems like it is 50/50. Feel free to comment below with your experience.

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  1. I had friends who were able to get the $20 charge taken care of and amazon even allowed them to use the gift cards. So the spa finder gift cards were never shipped and the amazon gift cards eventually became free. They made $20 + $5 in amazon cash. Not a bad deal Heh!

    • Actually yes, it’s a very bad deal. No one clicked purchase and expected to pay $20 for a $20 gift card. Additionally, your friends probably had to spend considerable time on chat or phone, be transferred to supervisors, hold once or twice for support, and only then be credited. If they’re willing to invest that time then good for them. I’m not.

      Amazon screwed up on this one plain and simple. The way they handled it was piss-poor in my book. They cherry picked the portion of the order that wouldn’t impact their bottom line and was flat out unethical (maybe illegal?). I didn’t purchase a $20 gift card and agree to pay $20. I agreed to $100+$20 and in return I will pay you $50. Can’t full fulfill it or you made an error? Fine. Then refund me 100%.

      Amazon should have:

      1) Honored the deal
      2) Refunded the entire purchase, as if it never existed.

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