I Made 2 Mistakes

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Another blog post by Mr. Deals…

Mrs. Deals just gave me a stern talking to, a really stern talking to. “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “It’s like you just threw away $180.”  Blah blah blah blah. After I apologized and admitted I screwed up (most wives tend to appreciate this, but not in this case), she just continued to drill home how badly I screwed up.

Ok so now you are wondering what I did. Here’s the scoop. First mistake involved credit cards I used for a recent trip. I always stay at SPG properties when I travel for work. I use my SPG amex and all is well. Periodically, I am advised by my wonderful wife to use a different SPG amex (business card) or in very rare cases my Amex Everyday card. This tends to happen before I take a trip.

Well recently, I had a big meeting I was hyper focused on and went about my business as usual, only packed my SPG Amex that is my go to. I mean if I carried the 15+ cards she’s made me sign up for I would essentially be carrying multiple George Costanza wallets.

Anyway, I’m already on my way to the airport and I get a text that I needed to change my payment at the hotel to put $70 on my Everyday card and the remainder on my Amex Business card due to some Amex Offers promo. I don’t have either with me. So I say ok I’ll do it later. I get back to my office, work a full day, come home, deal with crazy kids and what do I forget to do, oh call the Starwood hotel I stayed at and change things up. I guess I never received the statement credits, whoops. Total loss $120.

Next up, 20% JetBlue promo (very recent) for a future flight. I fly JetBlue on the regular and had a few NYC trips coming up when that promo was coming out. That said, I waited a few days too many to book my flights and completely missed out. I am now coming to find out that the promo code would have come in handy with an upcoming flight we are looking to book. Total loss $60.

Stay tuned for my next mistakes. As Mrs. Deals just stated “there will be many of them.”

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  1. Maybe her next bit of advice will be to always carry at least one extra card in case there’s an issue with the other.

    But thanks for the “fess-up” post. You’re learning (even while kicking and screaming). 🙂

    • One extra card?! Here’s what I roll with on the regular:
      – JetBlue Card
      – SPG Amex
      – Chase Sapphire Reserve
      – Corporate Card for work
      – Debit Card
      – License
      – Flex Spend/Health $ Card
      – Insurance Card
      – T card for Boston, Metro Card for NYC (since I’m there a ton)
      – Maybe a $20 bill (rarely carry cash)
      – Receipts for expense reports (which I try to get out of there as quickly as possible)

      I’m trying to avoid a Costanza wallet as much as possible

  2. Wish I had someone to help keep me that organized. And mistakes are OK! I also lost out on one SPG AMEX offer because I used it at the restaurant instead of charging to my room (meals at the hotel do not count on most/all AMEX hotel offers)

  3. $180 is not the end of the world. It’s good to be mindful of value of money but if that takes so much oxygen then there is something wrong. Actually $180 is nothing. Take her to court for harassment.

  4. I forgot to take my credit card to Costco…..found out they take Apple pay. There are other electronic wallets (like keyring) where you can store photos of all your cards. Not sure you need to have the cards physically present anymore?

  5. Thank you so very much for a truly fun post.
    Guess there are a bunch of couples with a “devotee” and a “go along.”

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