Figuring Out Your Marriott and Starwood Lifetime Status Numbers

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While Marriott and Starwood have officially merged their loyalty program, you probably do not yet see your information combined. The option to merge your accounts is not yet available, so do not panic! You also might not even see the correct information in your respective programs, but I’d give it a few days for everything to shake out correctly. I am personally finding using the Marriott and SPG apps easier to use then their respective online sites, although you’ll have to download the latest update to see your information.

I am personally looking forward to see my lifetime status information updated! I used to be an extremely loyal Marriott person when I was traveling for work every single week in my 20’s. Heck, one year I even lived at a Marriott property for a good chunk of the year and racked up over 300 nights just that year. Although my points towards lifetime status wasn’t as high as you’d think since my average hotel rate was about $89/night, so prior to this merger I was only Lifetime Silver. Now, with the mapping of status and accounts being combined I’ll be Lifetime Platinum Premier!

Finding Your Information Towards Status on the App

When I logging into the Marriott and Starwood apps, I was easily able to find some of my lifetime status information. If you swipe to the right on your account info page, it will show you your total number of nights and then the number of years of status you have at your next tier status level. I earned Lifetime Silver status awhile back so my next lifetime goal is Gold status. Although that information is based on the legacy system, not when calculating the new requirements to earn status or when Marriott and SPG accounts merge. I do not really care about my years at Gold status as my goal is to earn Lifetime Platinum Premier. To earn Lifetime Platinum Premier, that means I need to earn Marriott Lifetime Platinum status based on the legacy requirements (when they map the new status levels those who had or can earn Marriott Lifetime Platinum status in 2018 will be bumped up to Marriott Lifetime Platinum Premier status).

After playing around for while I was actually able to get all my Lifetime Status information to appear. If you click on the “NIGHTS” or “YEARS AS ELITE OR HIGHER” wording, it’ll bring up a different page giving you your years of status at ever single level – Silver, Gold, and Platinum. This was just the information I was looking for! Although if you are looking for your total Marriott points towards status this information no longer seems to be available. For folks who are trying to earn status based on Marriott’s legacy requirements, knowing how many points you have is important. Unfortunately, this might require a call to Marriott to find out.

While I believe my years earning at least Silver and Gold status are correct, I actually do not believe my Years as Platinum is correct – although I will take it! It is telling me 12 years, but I really believe it is more like 8-10 years. I know there were a few years in there where I only earned Gold status. I am not fully trusting what I see in the app, so I am giving it a few more days to “get it correct”. Although maybe they really do have it in their system as 12 years as Platinum and I would gladly accept them thinking this!

Seeing your numbers in the Starwood app is very similar as well. While I was close to earning Gold status for life at Starwood, I didn’t actually make it and ended up not putting in the effort this year since I knew my Marriott status would trump my Starwood status. 

My years of status at each level look accurate on my Starwood account. This could also be because Starwood always tracked years of status towards their lifetime requirements. Although I have no idea what the Silver status line means since Starwood only had two status levels – Gold and Platinum. My assumption is that the Silver status numbers is just a copy of the Gold status numbers since they have to align with Marriott when merged. 

So once my accounts are merged I’ll end up with 14 years towards Platinum status (although it could be less if the Marriott number ends up being incorrect, but it will be a minimum of 10 years) and 954 nights towards status. With the lifetime status requirements as I listed out below, this will earn me Lifetime Platinum Premier status! 2018 is the only year where once can earn this status, so I am very happy to be earning it now as that opportunity will not exist next year. Although as of right now there really isn’t a huge difference between Lifetime Platinum and Lifetime Platinum Premier status.

Numbers Needed to Earn Lifetime Status

For just 2018, you can earn lifetime status two different ways, with either Marriott and Starwoods legacy requirements or by the new requirements. Starting in 2019, you’ll only be able to earn lifetime status based on the new requirements that were put in place.

Earning Lifetime Status Under the LEGACY Requirements

You’ll need to earn your respective Marriott and Starwood nights and points by December 31, 2018.

Marriott Lifetime Silver Elite Status

  • 250 Marriott nights + 1.2 million Marriott points earned

Marriott Lifetime Gold Elite Status

  • 250 Starwood nights + 5 years of Starwood Gold or Platinum elite status
  • 250 Marriott nights + 1.2 million Marriott points earned

Marriott Platinum Elite Status

  • 500 Starwood nights + 10 years of Starwood Platinum elite status
  • 500 Marriott nights + 1.6 million Marriott points earned

Marriott Platinum Premier Elite Status

  • 750 Marriott nights + 2 million Marriott points earned
  • 750 COMBINED nights with Marriott and Starwood + 10 years of COMBINED Platinum elite status with Marriott and Starwood

Earning Lifetime Status Under the NEW requirements.

These will be the new requirements going forward. This is great for those that have stayed at both Marriott and Starwood properties throughout the years. Remember though, there will be no way to earn Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite status under the new requirements.

  • Lifetime Silver Elite = 250 lifetime nights plus 5 years of elite status
  • Lifetime Gold Elite = 400 lifetime nights plus 7 years of Gold Elite status or higher
  • Lifetime Platinum Elite = 600 lifetime nights plus 10 years of Platinum Elite status

What new Lifetime status level will you be earning?

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  1. I read on a previous Boarding Area post that you could earn Marriott Premier Platinum under the legacy Marriott program with 2 million Marriott points plus 750 COMBINED Marriott and SPG lifetime nights (not just Marriott nights) – assuming you don’t have the 10 years combined platinum elite Marriott and SPG years? Has anyone confirmed this?

    Also, are they counting Marriott Gold years as “platinum” years for purposes of the 10 combined years (because Marriott legacy Gold was equal to SPG Platinum)?

    • @Richard – I am not sure where you read that, but unfortunately that is not the case. You can earn Marriott Platinum Premier under the legacy Marriott program but all stays and points have to be solely with Marriott and you have until December 31, 2018 to earn it. You’ll need 2 million Marriott points + 750 nights at JUST Marriott properties.

      Regarding counting Marriott Gold years as Platinum, they might be. At least that is what it appears to be on my account.

      • Hi Dealswelike,

        Where are you getting your information from? I have called Marriott several times and they confirmed that Lifetime Platinum Premiere status can be achieved using combined Marriott and SPG nights. They said SPG points will not count towards the requirements, however. In other words, we need 750 combined Marriott and SPG nights, and 2 million Marriott points by December 31, 2018 in order to achieve LTPP under Marriott legacy requirements. Then of course the other way is to have 10 years at platinum and 750 nights.

        • @Ahmed – Yes that is correct, Lifetime Platinum Premier status can be achieved using Marriott + SPG nights. You’ll need 750 COMBINED nights with Marriott and Starwood + 10 years of COMBINED Platinum elite status with Marriott and Starwood. It is NOT 750 combined nights and 2 million Marriott points. If you want to earn it just from Marriott stays/nights, if you have 750 Marriott nights + 2 million Marriott points earned, you’ll receive Lifetime Platinum Premier status, but that will not combine your SPG nights.

    • @Miles – I guess so. I assumed they’d count years as an actual Platinum in the past, but I guess not? Works for me!

  2. I’ve run into several issues….. I expected that things would be down for a day, at most two, but now we’re at the end of Day 3 and my account is still off:
    1) Total Nights / 2018 Nights: They didn’t count any of my nights or points earned since early July. I let my Ambassador know and she said that it’s a known problem and they’re working on it, but can’t confirm when it will be fixed. It’s a total of 10 nights and ~25k SPG points during that period. The interesting thing is that my SPG account was up to date as of Friday afternoon.
    2) Future Award Reservations: It appears that two of my future award reservations are missing which concerns me.
    3) Award Stay Points Redemption: I had two reservations which I booked via SPG for 12,000 / nt x 3 nights = 36k SPG points. In my new account they say booked for 90k Marriott which implies 10,000 / nt SPG (due to 3×1). If I cancel them I will therefore be losing points.

    • @Ty – If you cancel your award nights that went down in category, you’ll receive the number of points back that you used to book. Also, it seems like those hotels now require less points, so if you keep those award nights make sure to get the difference in points back by calling Marriott.

  3. @Ty: I’m Platinum 100 + Ambassador with legacy SPG. Never had an MR account.
    On Friday I had 74 SPG Qualification nights and 1225 Lifetime nights (17 years Platinum).
    Luckily I took screen shots of my account info. (learned that from the UA/CO Mileage Merger!)
    Never got the e-mail from SPG/Marriott informing me of new #
    Logged on to SPG this am and was informed of new number. Fine.
    Looked at my profile and Boom – 64 Qualification nights. Huh?
    Apparently Marriott does not count Award nights as a Qualified Night.
    Contacted my Ambassador and they were stumped too…
    The mystery Continues.

    Interestingly, I never had a Marriott Rewards account, yet this morning I got 200 additional lifetime nights!

    The Mystery Continues…

    I’ve heard that this is temporary…we will see.


    • @Ramon – I am in no way affiliate with Marriott/Starwood – I suggest contacting them directly. I also deleted your address from your comment to keep your privacy in tact.

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