Automatic Notifications when a Southwest Flight Drops in Price!

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UPDATE: This is no longer available.

One of my favorite aspects of booking with Southwest is that if your already booked flight goes down in price, you can get the difference back! The major caveat is that Southwest will not automatically re-price your ticket for you, you will need to manually check out your Southwest flight price on a daily basis.

With that being said, a blog reader created a site that will do all the leg work for you! The site Dragon Fare Scanner will allow you to enter your Southwest flight information and price and if the price goes down you’ll receive an email letting you know! The site states that they are “periodically” scanning flight prices, so I am not sure if that means on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, but it is always good to get an extra set of eyes finding ways to save you money! I personally have not yet used this site as I just came across it, but I definitely intend to for my next Southwest reservation. From the looks of it, there is currently no fee – so you might as well!

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 9.30.20 PM

As I mentioned above, if you already have a Southwest flight booked and the goes down, you’ll get the difference back:

  • Paid Flight: If you paid for your flight you will receive a voucher for the difference in fare price to be used one year from the date the flight was originally purchased (NOT the date the change process took place). This voucher is non-transferable. The voucher will be tied to the confirmation number of the original flight. There is NO fee for this.
  • Using Points: If you booked your flight using points, the difference in points will go back into your account immediately. Again, there is NO fee for this. This is why I love booking Southwest flights using points!

To get full step-by-step directions on how you get your money/points back, make sure to read this post “If a Southwest Flight Goes Down in Price…

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  1. Just a note of “voucher” refunds. You have to keep track of the voucher and confirmation number your self. If you have made adjustments on several flights, there is not way to get a summary of what “credits” you have out there to be used. Even SW can’t tell you unless you can reference the voucher or confirmation number.

    Keep track of those numbers!

    • Yes, there’s already a note saying “This site has been shut down as requested by Southwest Airlines.” That didn’t take long!

  2. Just a correction on the Southwest voucher refund. That’s only applicable for Wanna Get Away fares. The Anytime and Business Select fares are eligible for refunds, so you actually get the difference back in cash.

  3. Just plugged in a few SW reservations… waited 5 minutes and already received an email noting a refund found for $13.00! Now I just have to keep up a better voucher tracking system.

  4. Patrick -not true. If you provide SW with the credit card you paid for the tickets with they can look up all confirmation numbers that you have funds available on. We do this regularly for my business to make sure we haven’t lost any credits.

  5. Why do bloggers have to out sensitive information like this? It’s a deathknell for services that the airlines don’t want to exist.

    I use a different one. Hopefully you don’t find out about it. Bottom feeder!

    • @HG – The owner of this site commented awhile ago with this information, so it is definitely now new info on my blog.

      • That’s irrelevant. It doesn’t need to be repeated until Southwest hears it. If a few readers were lucky to see it that day, fine.

        Will you only be satisfied if enough read to gain a critical mass so that Southwest will shut it down?

        • Hmmm… So you use a similar site but somehow others are bottom feeders? Hoarders of info are the most greedy bottom feeders out there. So… You found out about a service likely through a blog and don’t want others to share insight to help others save money?? You belong on Bernie Madoff’s hedge fund.

          • Are you satisfied now that Southwest forced it to shut down? This is exactly why we can’t share anymore. It reaches too many people, and shuts down everything faster.

      • This is the same dumb logic as “This was posted on another blog so it’s fair game for me to post.”

        I am 100% in agreement with HG here.

  6. Anyone find a replacement site? I’ve been looking but can’t find any, disappointed this one is gone I have so many upcoming SW flights it’s a pain to check them all myself!

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