Spend $46 and Earn at Least 47,000 IHG Points!

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Just a few minutes ago I wrote a blog post advertising a new IHG “surprise” promotion. This is an offer where you’ll earn a surprise offer after every stay starting with your second stay. While this is a great offer for those staying at IHG hotels often, there is actually a way to participate if you have zero intentions of staying with them!

I read the entire terms and conditions for the promotion, and you actually DO NOT HAVE TO STAY at an IHG hotel to be eligible for this offer! There is a Mail in Alternate Method of Entry! Here is a copy and paste directly from the terms:

Mail in Alternate Method of Entry: From November 15, 2015 to February 15, 2016: You can enter the Instant Win Game without completing a Qualifying Stay. However to be eligible for the chance to win prizes in section 9 below you are required to have an IHG Rewards Club account. If you do not have one, you can sign up for free by visiting http://www.ihg.com/rewardsclub/us/en/home and following the instructions. To enter without completing the minimum two Qualifying Stays, hand print your full name, complete mailing address, day and evening phone numbers, valid email address, member number, the first six (6) digits of your MasterCard and date of birth on a 3″ x 5″ piece of paper and mail it in an envelope with proper postage to “IHG and MasterCard® Priceless Surprises® Promotion,” c/o HelloWorld, Inc., P.O. Box 5996, Kalamazoo, MI 49003-5996. Once your mail-in request is received, you will receive an email within five (5) business days from the Administrator inviting you to play the Game and you will receive one (1) Game play for each mail-in request. Limit: One (1) request per envelope. Once you receive an email inviting you to participate in the Game, click on the link found within the email and follow the links and instructions to play the Game. The Game results will be instantly displayed. Potential winners of the Game will be provided directions for validation. All potential winners are subject to verification before any prize will be awarded. Administrator is responsible for the functionality of the Instant Win Game. All mail-in entries must be handwritten and must be postmarked by February 15, 2016 and received by February 22, 2016. All entries become the exclusive property of Sponsor and none will be acknowledged or returned. Proof of sending or submission will not be deemed to be proof of receipt by Sponsor. Sponsor is not responsible for 308468.1 lost, late, incomplete, invalid, unintelligible, illegible, misdirected or postage-due entries, which will be disqualified. All Game plays must be completed by March 15, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. ET.”

This means, all you have to do is send in 94 mailings and you are eligible for 94 prizes. While this might be quite annoying, it can really pay off well! To send in the 94 mailings (that is the maximum each individual is eligible for), it will cost you $46.06 for postage. The terms state that you are only allowed one entry per mailing, that is why you must do it 94 times. Even if you win the lowest prize value every single time (500 points per entry), that will still net you 47,000 points! And there is a definitely a chance that a few of those entries might earn you a bigger prize. I expect hand-writing 94 note cards and envelopes to take about an hour at most. Thanks to a reader for pointing out that each individual is only eligible to win at most 1 prize from the top giveaways and 5 prizes from the 2nd tier giveaway (free night, $50 Mastercard, 5,200, 2,000, or 1,000 points). It does not state a limit to the 500 points. 

In my opinion, this is definitely worth it and something to do while watching TV tonight. I value 47,000 IHG points at around $235. So this is the minimum you’ll gain, but you could always potentially win one of the big prizes! Make sure to read this prior post to see all the prizes!

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  1. Really nice find!! Looked through the terms further and there is a decent chance you will get more than 500 points. ~2.2% for 5000 pts, ~3.3% for 2000 pts, ~6.5% for 1000 pts.

    “Limit: One (1) prize from Group A and five (5) prizes from Group B prize per person.” Group A is all the large prizes (trips), Group B are all the free nights, $50 gift card, and IHG points 1000 and up. Group C is just for 500 pts

  2. The terms state that the odds of receiving 500 points are 1:1.18 (85%). ((94 x 500) x 85% = 39,950 IGH points (valued at $199.75 using your valuation- $46.06 in postage = $153.69 is still a great deal)). However, do you read this to mean that there is a chance that no prize will be won; or that 15% of the time a larger prize will be awarded? I am missing language in the terms that guarantee a minimum award.

    • Points – Odds of winning/Percentage/Average value
      500 – 1.18 84% 423.7288136
      1000 – 14.29 6% 69.9790063
      2000 – 28.57 3% 70.00350018
      5000 – 42.86 2% 116.65888

      Looks to me like there is a 97.5% chance of winning at least 500, given the odds of the higher awards the average you SHOULD earn would be 680 points. Granted, that is over a large sample size. YMMV, could be higher or lower than that 680 number. However, it does look like there is a small chance that you win nothing (2.5%)

      • Hmm… If I remember my middle school math correctly, Odds and Probability have this relationship:

        Odds = (# of Favorable Outcomes) : (# of Unfavorable Outcomes)
        Probability = F / (F + U)

        So the probability of winning on any single turn is:

        P(5000) = 1 / (1 + 42.86) = 0.0228 = 2.28%
        P(2000) = 1 / (1 + 28.57) = 0.0338 = 3.38%
        P(1000) = 1 / (1 + 14.29) = 0.0654 = 6.54%
        P(500) = 1 / (1 + 1.18) = 0.4587 = 45.87%

        In other words, you can expect to win SOMETHING only about 58% of the time.

        The expected point value for each turn would then be SUM(P(q) * q) for each possible outcome q.

        EV(5000) = 0.0228 * 5000 = 114
        EV(2000) = 0.0338 * 2000 = 67.6
        EV(1000) = 0.0654 * 1000 = 65.4
        EV(500) = 0.4587 * 500 = 229.4
        EV(0) = 0.4193 * 0 = 0
        EV(Turn) = 476.4 points per turn

        which would SEEM to indicate a total Expected Value of 44,782 points over the maximum 94 turns.

        HOWEVER, that overstates what’s possible. You can only win a maximum of 5 total prizes > 500, so even if you maxed out by hitting five 5K prizes (astronomically unlikely), your MAXIMUM possible value would be

        MAX(5x5K) = (5 * 5000) + (500 * 89) = 69,500 points

        with an approximate expected value of

        EV(5x5K) = (5 * 5000) + (0.4587 * 500 * 89) = 45,412

        which is just barely above the naive EV.

        And if you were “unlucky” enough to hit five 1K prizes, your maximum possible value would be

        MAX(5 * 1K) = (5 * 1000) + (500 * 89) = 49,500 points

        with an expected value of approximately 25,412 points, or 270 points per turn.

        • FWIW, I modeled 94 turns with the probabilities above and the cap of 5 high-value prizes. Over a couple of million iterations, I got these results:

          MIN: 17,500
          MAX: 54,000
          AVG: 31,657
          STD DEV: 4,158

          If I’m correct, that would predict that 95% of people who play 94 times will receive between 23,000 and 40,000 points, with less than 0.2% exceeding 44,000.

          • Wow. Thanks for the succinct analysis. I was all set to go through the hassle of actually writing all that info down 94 times. 47,000 points is hardly worth all the time, effort and expense to begin with but especially so for the pitiful 20,000 points my typical luck with such odds would result in. You saved me a lot of time and a few bucks to boot. Thanks.

          • @ JEM – Thank you very much for the analysis and for reaching a conclusion that a liberal arts major – me – can digest.

        • Maybe I’m reading the odds wrong, but you are saying that 1:1.18 odds should be read as “1 in 2.18 entries will win”?

          I read that as 1 in 1.18 entries will win 500 points. This is different than how I would read a sports betting line.

          That changes the EV considerably.

          • Not sure you’re reading the sporting lines correctly. Perhaps another example would better illustrate:

            If someone gives you 2:1 odds on a fair bet, then you should win 2 times for every time you lose – your winning probability is 2/(2 + 1) = 2/3.

            Reading it your way would mean that “2 out of every 1 entry will win”, which doesn’t make much sense.

          • JEM, we are just reading the odds differently. You could very well be right, as I don’t have a lot of experience in sweepstakes odds.

            Did you ever collect baseball cards? Special cards would be inserted in packs at a given rate, described as 1:x. So when cards were 1:2, one in every two packs had that special kind of card. It would be strange to say your odds of getting a card that card are 1:2 and actually mean one in three.

            Regarding sports bets, if you gave me 2:1 odds on something, meaning I put up $100 and you bet $200, I only need to win 1/3 to break even, not 2/3.

            And finally, you say “Reading it your way would mean that “2 out of every 1 entry will win”, which doesn’t make much sense.”

            That’s not what I’m saying at all. In fact, I don’t think you can describe a 100% chance of winning with the approach you are taking. I believe that a 100% chance of winning would be described as 1:1 – a ratio of 1:1 means that every entry wins. In your system, where 1:1 is a 50% chance of winning, how do you describe a 100% chance of winning?

          • @Brooks – Odds and Payouts are, for fair bets, inverses of each other.

            If I want to entice you to bet on an event with a 1-in-3 chance of happening (i.e., ODDS of 1:2), then, if you’re rational, I have to offer you a payout that’s at least twice as big as what I’m betting (PAYOUT of 2:1).

            So, to use your example, if we place 3 simultaneous bets, you’ll put in 3x$100 = $300 and I’ll put in 3*$200 = $600 to make 3x$300 pots. Since you’re ODDS are 1:2 you’ll likely take one pot ($300), and I’ll likely take two ($600) and we’ll each be back where we started.

            A 100% sure thing has 1 chance of happening, and zero chances of not happening, so the odds are 1:0 and the probability is 1/(1+0) = 1.

            I don’t have a clue what baseball card manufacturer’s know about odds…

          • Looks like the original interpretation was indeed correct, even though the odds as written were not entirely accurate. Good!

        • You are overthinking this. Sweepstakes and lotteries are simple probability contests with yes/no outcomes. Sweepstakes and lottery odds (as well as baseball card distributions) are generally read as “1 in X odds of winning”, not “odds of winning are 1 to X”. For example, google “New York Lottery odds”. They have the clearest example of the colon notation and how it is supposed to be read in the context of a random contest. Also check out the Odds calculator on lottostrategies dot com. You can even check the math on some of the low prizes (matching only the megaball in NY, matching 2 out of 54 in TX) and you can see that when they say 1:9 or 1 in 9, they mean 0.111, not 0.100.

          Is it mathematically correct? Maybe not. But it is convention.

  3. I notice it says you have the hand write the note that goes in the envelope but I wonder if it’s OK to print labels for the address on the envelope.

    • There’s no minimum guarantee in the Ts&Cs. According to my maths (see my comment above), you should expect to get nothing at least 42% of the time, and since there’s a max of 5 prizes > 500 points, it’s likely higher than that.

  4. Sounds like 94 potential chances of Identity Theft to me by doing the handwritten entries. If just *one* of those entries get lost in the mail (or stolen out of) anywhere between points A & point B and end up in the wrong hands – some stranger now has your Legal Name, Address, Date of Birth, and first 6 #’s of your MasterCard, as well as the name of the Bank that issued it. Depending on the person, they can sell that info on the BlackMarket, or use it themselves. They are very good at what they do, and can easily start with this info, and take over your entire financial life (and ruin it) within a week or so. (They also have your IHG # and could potentially drain your points out of your account – or book a room in your name since they have your name & address & IHG #, then have a free stay on your points).
    Thanks but no thanks, I don’t need the potential stress/hassle of having someone steal my identity because I was too cheap to just book a night @ cheap HI for $89

    • For what it’s worth, here’s nothing special about the first six digits of your credit card number – all it tells you is the bank and type of card (for example, the first six digits of every IHG MasterCard are the same). I feel like the odds of a card sent through the mail landing in the hands of a scammer who could do anything useful with it are far lower than those of some website or retailer who has all that info and more being intentionally attacked by people who know exactly what they’re doing.

  5. Eh, plan for at least a few hours doing this. I just timed myself and came up with 1 min 30 second to address an envelope. After 3 my hand was already cramping.

    That didn’t even include writing the 3×5 card, stamping, or sealing. Still going to do it, but I think you underestimated the time involved.

  6. In my experiments, it took over 1.5 minutes per 3×5 card to clearly, legibly hand-write the needed information…including the “+1” prefix in phone numbers and the “USA” at the end of the mailing address.

    I printed mailing address labels for the envelopes, since the rules do not (currently) require that those be handwritten.

    My guess is a total of 4 minutes per application, or about 6 hours for the full 94 (per account). Fortunately, we have 3 months to complete the tasks.

  7. You could do a few sheets of address label template and tape them to the envelopes to save some time. I have read contest blogs before and they do toss any entries that are not perfect to the rules.

  8. I used to work in Marketing and ran many contests such as these and you have to follow the directions to a tee…”hand print your full name, complete mailing address, day and evening phone numbers, valid email address, member number, the first six (6) digits of your MasterCard and date of birth on a 3″ x 5″ piece of paper” otherwise your entry will not be valid.

    I always do “Mail in Alternate Method of Entry” for contests I am interested in. I will definitely being entering this way.

  9. I wonder how long it will take to “play the game” online. If it’s an involved process, doing it 94 times may be unrealistic!

  10. I plan to put my children to work helping me with this task. Then I will let them pick the place we go with whatever points we may win.

  11. Do you think you could do the stays and the mail in alternative? Or would one negate the other. I’m not sure if I understand if you couldn’t do the IHG stays within IHG card and also do the millions with the different MasterCard like American?

  12. I was wondering if you could do the stays at IHG resorts and also the mail ins. I am curious if I could do the IHG rewards with the IHG MasterCard and then do the melons with an American master card. Thanks for your help.

      • Why wouldn’t you? It just shows up as a purchase like anything else. Though you’d be better off using Discover + Apple Pay to buy stamps at an office supply store or drugstore, if that’s an option for you.

        • You are right about Discover & Apple Pay. I’ll be buying 188 forever stamps @ Shoprite today w/ Discover & Apple Pay. Will get 22% cash back.

    • Even better, buy stamps on EBay at a discount with EBay gift cards from Staples with the 5x points, EBay bucks, and a portal bonus!

  13. I think I’m going to do it slowly rather than all the entries showing up at their front door at the same time. I love JEM’s statistical analysis since its been years since I was in college stats class. He must be a statistician?

  14. Isn’t it just a tad more than $46? Don’t you also have to account for the paper and envelopes? Or do you have a method of acquiring unlimited amounts of these things at no cost?

    • Having read the terms, I’m not saying your wrong, but if you’re referring to this:

      > Limit: One (1) prize from Group A and five (5) prizes from Group B prize per person.

      the 500 IHG point prize is Group C. I don’t see anywhere else that the Group C prize is limited.

      And if the limit is 6, then sending only 6 would presume 100% winners, which is not guaranteed.

      Could you elaborate?

    • @Stvr – It is a limit of 6 prizes from the top two tier categories. There is no limit to the third category which is the 500 bonus points.

  15. Must be a slow night here ’cause you guys are funny (meant as a compliment)! I’m gonna enter at least 1,000,000 times, have my dog help with the 3X5s (which of course I’m getting with food stamps through a double link portal. I might even use SWA airline points to hand deliver the entries since I’ll need at least 4 suitcases (I haven’t figured out how many I’ll need yet, but have 2 companion passes) if that’s cheaper than stampage… This IS a fun hobby!

  16. help! mathematically challenged, how many suitcases will i need?? i’m platinum, diamond, spire, etc., am on hold with SWA ’cause i think i get to check a semi-trailer for myself and 8 companions…
    JEM?? Alex??
    ps. using single-ply for my 3x5s
    pss. still have plenty of scotch so i’ll just stay up and wait anxiously for precise calcs… i’m already up to 17 entries!

    • @Charlie – well, that’s not too hard. The maximum US airline carry-on is 22″x14″x9″, or 2,772 cubic inches. Assuming you’re using a #9 envelope (nominally 4″x9″) and that you can approximate the thickness as the same as three sheets of 20# paper: 2″ = 500 sheets or 0.012″ per sheet (note: you may need to sit on the roll-aboard), that’s approximately 6,416 envelopes per carry-on. So your million entries would only require 156 carry-ons.

      You could cut that down significantly by using bigger suitcases, but then you’d have to factor in your wait at baggage claim…

    • Charlie said: “using single-ply for my 3x5s”

      That’s pretty economical, and you can write a few while sitting there doing your business.

  17. Wouldn’t the prizes also be subject to taxation? Would really suck if collecting 25%+ income tax on ihg point value of 1cpp. I’m still interested, but awaiting fallout.

  18. Did we figure out if we can use 3×5 index cards from the dollar store? They do not specify what thickness of paper needs to be used! I would hate to spend a lot of needless time cutting paper to the right size to have someone like the hanging chad inspector to see if I was a micron off!

  19. I’m traveling in India right now. Happened to see this, along with a “stationary street” in old Delhi today. Mailing is Rs 20. If supplies are say $5 (probably they’re less) that’s still cheaper than $35. I think I’ll check it out 🙂

  20. Do you know if the credit card can be issued by MasterCard international or a licensee? Or does it have to be a MasterCard issued by a US Bank?

  21. Also, can my husband also do this? I’d assume the 94 entry limit is per household or mailing address, but only see it per email address.
    In advance, please forgive me if I’ve missed the obvious. I have looked for the answer but didn’t see it.

  22. My Daughter has an IHG account but doesn’t have a Mastercard. Do you think I can add her as an AU so she could qualify? Thank you.

    • @Joe – I am not sure. It doesn’t state that the labels need to be handwritten. But these contest companies are very strict to rules, so I dunno.

      • OK. understood, to be certain—is it suggested to use a Mastercard debit card thats bank issued, or any other credit card thats MC?

  23. Are people including their middle initial or full middle name for “full name”?

    And for day and evening phone, if the same are you just putting it once and noting it is your day and evening phone?

  24. Took me 85 minutes to do 20 entries.

    9 lines of text on each index card.
    Return address on envelope.
    Destination address on envelope.
    Stuffed the envelope.
    Sealed the envelopes.
    (I haven’t stamped ’em yet.)

    I didn’t count the initial 25 minutes is took to purchase supplies, nor the gas for the drive, and haven’t purchased the stamps yet.

    The maps adds up to an additional 6 hrs of my time needed to finish this job. I guarantee you this… I won’t be finishing this day nor this week. I’ve done enough for the time being. Good luck all!

  25. My entries are in the mail today. I sent a few less than 94, to allow for paid stays during the promotion. Let’s all hope that the online requirements are not too onerous.

  26. I am surprised everyone is blindsided by “free” IHG points but you are giving away enough information potentially in bad hands to use for Identity theft ? No concerns ?

  27. My IHG account is under my married name. My IHG mastercard is under my maiden name. Will this matter? I do not want to wait until Chase processes a name change to do the promo. I also on’t want all of that handwriting and those stamps to be for nothing.

    • @Lauren – They aren’t actually going to look up your IHG MasterCard. They do not have access to that. Go with the name that is on your IHG account.

  28. All, are we putting line descriptions, such as “Address:”, “Day:”, “Evening:”, “DOB:”, etc, on the line items on the card?

    And….could they have made a longer mailing address???


    • Yes, i put the email, DOB, member #, day, eve, etc on the 3X5 card. I mailed just 5; I want to make sure that my items qualify and I receive the emails before I spend more money on stamps.

  29. Nothing as yet. I figure they are swamped, and most likely do not have enough people to key everything in quickly, plus it is a holiday week. I am mailing in 5 every 3 days to spread them out.

  30. Just curious–has anyone using the “paper method” had a response from IHG? I started mailing in one entry/day on November 13 meaning they should have arrived in Kalamazoo shortly after the contest opened on November 15. The terms said they would email with instructions for entry within 5 days. Even with poor mail service, It’s been well over five days and I’ve heard nothing. Are they just overwhelmed, as often happens when info like this hits the blogs? Happy to wait, but curious 🙂

  31. I for one, an waiting for a sign of hope on the other end from the 20 I mailed in 11/15-20 before I mail more.
    I did ruled index cards, hand written
    Envelopes printed by a printer.

    If anyone gets a reply, lets see what we all have in common or different.

  32. Seems weird that no one on any of the blogs has been able to provide confirmation. Promotion has been on now for more than two weeks. Someone, somewhere, should have heard something.

  33. So maybe we all had to register before sending in our envelopes to have them count, or is that just for the stays to count? I hope it was not a wasted effort!!!!

    • I registered on November 15, the first day of the program. Still no responses. Have sent about 20 envelopes..1-2 per day since then. Nada.

  34. I registered for the promotion. Sent in 14 entries on November 17th. Figuring with mail time, holidays, plus 5 business days, I should get emails by end of the week, or maybe early next week at the latest.

    • I sent in 8 a few days before Christmas and still haven’t received any emails… I’m waiting until I get an email too before I waste time and send in 86 more….

  35. Just wanted to report that I sent in two entries on Nov. 15 and today during lunch, my husband and I both received the email saying “You qualify for a Priceless Surprise®!”
    Dear LINDA,

    Success! You have qualified to play for Priceless Surprises, from IHG® Rewards Club and MasterCard®. Now it’s time to open the elevator doors & see what’s waiting!

    Each floor holds a chance for a Priceless Surprise, like:

    a private helicopter tour over NYC
    VIP access to the Arnold Palmer Invitational Presented by MasterCard
    1 million IHG® Rewards Club bonus points
    and even more unforgettable surprises

    Choose your floor here.

    See you soon,

    IHG® Rewards Club

    Upon choosing the floor (one through six), my husband received 2,000 IHG points. He picked No. 5 BTW. Then I went and picked No. 6, I received 500 points. Neither has posted to our individual IHG accounts yet. After seeing the amounts, it said check your email for instructions on how to redeem your reward.
    Pretty excited about this so I am going to go ahead and send it the rest of the entries.
    For some data points: My husband’s entry had a handwritten address with a mailing label return. Mine had an addressed label and a stamped, inked return. Both were put on lined 3 X 5 cards purchased at Dollar Tree.

  36. I sent in 94 entries that first week. I received 66 emails today and won 500 points 61 times, 2 wins @ 2,000 points, and 3 wins @ 1,000 points for a total of 37,500 IHG points. It was super fun for all of us to pick numbers between 1 and 6. We were hoping for bigger prizes but this was great. Since I mailed them at different times, I’m still hoping to get more e-mails. How fun IHG. I am closer to the award I was hoping for. I have not yet received the confirm your prize e-mails though. Thanks for the blog on how to do this!

      • @Maddi – I’ve only received 10 thus far. I tested with 10 to begin with and then sent the rest in batches over the past month.

      • I have received 67 of the 94 emails. The points for the 67 have already posted to my account. I am waiting on the rest. My boyfriend sent his in later and has not received any emails yet. Deadline is in Feb so I remain hopeful.

  37. I sent in 5 entries, received 2 emails on 12/4 and still have not received any emails on the other 3 entries. Has anyone that sent in multiple entries received emails for all their entries?

  38. I read all the comments. One person pointed out the risk of sending personal info. It’s easy to discount this in a quest for points. It’s true if one does get lost in the mail and IF the person opening it is a seasoned identity thief you would be compromised, but of course that is unlikely. The greater risk is this, and think about it, you are inviting people you don’t know, possibly 10, 20, 30, 40 different people to see your personal info (depending on how many entries you send and when they arrive). These people are getting paid minimum wage, hard up for $$, likely sourced outside of IHG. You don’t think at least a few of those folks aren’t going to get ideas? Are you sure your entries are going to get tossed? Your written info won’t suddenly disappear after it’s opened like a picture can on your phone. I’m the last one to usually be paranoid (in fact I was just about to jump on this contest too) but too many entries and too many openers could spell one big problem. Be careful, don’t let greed of points sway your good judgement.

  39. I still haven’t received responses for any of my entries. That was ~6 weeks ago. Obviously something went wrong. I didn’t have an IHG credit card so I used another MasterCard. Perhaps that’s what dq’ed me. I used plain index cards, all handwritten & handstamped on card & envelope.

    • I’m in the same boat. I used yellow index cards. Is that the problem? Otherwise, I followed to the letter. I hand wrote the cards and the envelopes — no labels. Feeling frustrated. I would not recommend doing this and will not do it again. Lesson learned. Total waste of time and money!

      • @Stephanie – They are incredibly backed up and people are slowly getting their prizes. Although it is still taking a long time, it will come through!

  40. Is there a consensus that the envelope does not need to be hand written? I’d like to use labels to save time. Has anyone used labels on the envelopes and had success?

  41. Hello! I’ve mailed in 28 so far spread out, mailing 7 on 11/23. I finally got 6 emails on Wednesday 1 – 2/30! I won 1-5K; 2-1Ks, and 3-500s. Total 8500. I’ll be mailing out more, but since I only 6 replies back of my first 7, it’s now making me wonder if I’ve met a cap of 6 prizes? If so, I won’t mail out the others. I’ll wait and see I guess. I hear the magic day is Friday for emails? I got mine on a Wednesday, but that was the last day of the week if you count NYE and NYD as holidays. Thanks for any feedback!

    • @Kevin – From the looks of it, you’ve only received 3 prizes in the “B” category which are capped at 6 prizes, so you should still be good. From other reports I’ve read, people are still getting emails post the 6 prize limitation, but if that next prize is in the A or B category it is coming up as a blank prize.

  42. Quick question, I sent in my entries the beginning of December and still haven’t heard anything. Yesterday I had a call from Chase and my IHG Mastercard was compromised and they are issuing new card. Does that mean that all my entries will now be void? Any idea who I can contact? Frustrating especially since we don’t use the card. Thanks.

  43. Hey all, I used a similar email address for all my entries “email+1@gmail.com”, “email+2@gmail.com”, and I just received 15 emails with the same code to email+30@gmail.com. Has anyone had a similar experience? Are they consolidating my entries?

  44. Is it worth sending entrees in at this point or are they to backed up to even do mine before this closes. What do you all think?

  45. I received 20 in my inbox today. I have only won one prize higher than 500 and that was 1000 points, so dismayed today that the first 2 I opened said, “While you didn’t win this time. Complete another stay before February 15 for another chance to win. Now, send a Priceless Surprise link to friends!”
    That is indicating to me that now they are not giving a minimum of 500 per entry anymore.
    Anyone else getting this? I was thrilled that it looked like they must have hired more help, but looks like they are clamping down on the prizes..

    • Of the 47 I received last night they were all 500 points. If I clicked through the link more than 47 times I got the same message as you. I am jusy happy that I got the 500 points 🙂 Hopefully the rest of the emails will show up soon.

  46. I mailed mine out in two batches (67 around first week of Dec., balance about 2 weeks ago). Got 6 replies last week and 14 last night. All for 500 points each.

    • Did you play them on a mobile device? I seem to recall someone early on said it worked on their desktop but not on their phone. Not at all sure but it’s a thought.

  47. Wife and I sent out 94 each in two batches about three weeks ago. Wife received 93 back in two batches last week and won a total of 54K. I received 94 in two batches last week and won a total of 53.5K. Waiting for pts. to post.

    • Three weeks ago and you already heard back? I sent in mine right before Christmas and haven’t heard from them at all! Now I am getting worried.

      Has anyone else NOT heard who sent their entries in a while ago? Is there anyway to contact them and find out what is going on?

  48. I sent 28 entries in mid December and got seven emails last week. The responses are arriving, slowly but surely. I’m going to take my chances and send in the remaining 66 entries…

  49. Wife & I just received all our IHG points @ once tonight. She received 54.5K and I received 53.5K. Been about three to four weeks since we sent 94 entries each.

  50. Thanks for the heads up on this. Sent mine in less than two weeks ago and received the emails two days ago. In addition to the 500s I got 3 x 2,000 and 2 x 1,000, I’m still waiting for the points to post. Curious how long this part of it is taking? Seems that those of us who sent the cards in later ended up getting a swifter response.

  51. There are just seven more days to mail in entries. This is one of the deals that people will be talking about for years to come, like the Concorde deal, the $20 to Europe in First deal, and Vanilla Reloads.

        • To the letter, I even hand addressed the envelopes as it wasn’t clear at the time if you could use address labels….

          If I did do something wrong I wish the would at least sent a form letter or email explaining what it was so I know for future reference….

          • I sent 2 in early January to test the promotion before I spent a ton in postage. I just received my 2 entries this morning. I’d like to send in the rest of my entries now that I know it works, but I’m down to the last few days, and Monday, the 15th is a post office holiday. I’ll probably just do a few more and hope for the best. I just wish they had been a week earlier!

  52. Full name = my full name as on my license including middle name EVEN IF the name on my IHG account is a Jim not James and no middle name along with last?

    • I used my name as it appears on my IHG account, not my license. I also used labels on the envelope to mail the handwritten index cards, so that doesn’t appear to make a difference. As a side note, I used a different email than the one on my account. I didn’t realize it until they were sent and assumed that is why I didn’t get a response. Apparently, they don’t check the email to see if it matches; they just want one to send the game piece to. I think they are either backlogged with the number of entries, or they just took their time. Like I mentioned in a previous response, it took awhile. I wouldn’t be surprised if it takesuntil March or April to get everyone’s information entered, even if the contest closes on the 15th for postmarked entries.

  53. Just completed 188 index cards (for my wife and I) and associated envelope stuffing. Took about 4 hours. Still need to buy and affix stamps. Will be mailed by tomorrow, 4 days before the deadline!

  54. Just wanted to chime in as I have had success with this promotion. Unlike a couple others who noted a long delay, I mailed my first batch of 14 around February 5th, got the 14 game entries on Feb 15th, and they posted to my IHG account today.

    I mailed 10 more on about the 8th, just got the game entries last night (18th) and obviously hasn’t posted to my account yet.

    I know this isn’t positive news for those who mailed theirs in weeks/months ago, so fingers crossed for you.

    FYI, I do have a IHG Credit Card, I did make sure to register online before sending envelopes, and I did use computer printed mailing labels on the outside front of the envelop for IHG address as well as my return address.

    Good luck to you all.

    ~ D

    • Once they have an email address in their system, all entries attached to the same IHG number are sent to that address regardless of what email is on the card.

  55. Based on the mentions here and MMM, I entered 94 times. I had a bunch of old random postage, so I managed to only use a few bucks worth of stamps. (We used to be deluged with charity “asks”. I saved all the stamps. Sweet revenge.) I received 18 emails all at once about 6 days after mailing. Since then, radio silence. In redeeming, chose the same floor every time, netting 17-500’s and 1-2000. All have posted to my account. If I get any more emails, I think I will redeem them over a longer period, as a closer reading of the rules makes me think that bigger prizes are doled out gradually, not all at once. 500 looks to be the default winning amount once the bigger fish are pulled.
    I used colorful 3×5 paper and folded the corners. I also used printed labels. One label fell off and the envelope was returned to me after the deadline. Dontcha know, that one was going to be the big winner, lol!
    Thanks for the tip about the contest. I’ve been Elite for ten years, but since I retired, it’s a struggle to hang on to it. This is one affinity program that really works well for me. I love “Points & Cash” and “Point Breaks” as well as those swell room upgrades.

  56. This is interesting. It seems like something VERY different happened to me. I sent 94 entries for me and my husband right around the time when the promo started. He received all the emails, me none. In January I re-sent all the entries again (and yes, I had registered for the promo). I still have not received one single email from both entries. However, I checking my IHG account recently and saw 1000 points posted on February 23 from the MasterCard Priceless Surprise Reward. Has anyone had this happened to them? Very strange. I feel like they just posted the points to my account (obviously a measly amount compared to the potential of getting more) and will not be sending me the emails. Charlene, when you said you wrote to them, did you write to their mailing address from the promo?

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