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Two Weeks Left to Use Your Iberia Points!

Remember that awesome promotion this past summer where Iberia was pretty much handing out incredibly cheap points for their program? In case you took advantage and didn’t have any issues receiving your points, the deadline to use those points is quickly approaching — you have until the end of the month to use them or…

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Amazing Deal! 40% Bonus for Transferring Membership Reward Points to British Airways and Iberia Points

American Express just announced an awesome promotion for those looking to transfer their Membership Reward points to either British Airways or Iberia Avios points. Typically, points transfer at a 1:1 ratio for both programs, but for a limited time they are also offering a 40% bonus! This means for ever 1 point transferred, you’ll receive…

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My Iberia Account is No Longer Accessible!

Last week Iberia airlines ran an extremely lucrative promotion where you could receive essentially receive 90,000 Avios points for approximately $250. Instead of rehashing the program, you can learn more about the promotion here (which is now expired, so do not actually go ahead and book flights!): Best Promotion of the Year! $300 for 90,000…

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