Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 5.31.39 PMMy passion (and obsession!) for travel deals and points started over ten years ago the day I graduated college and took a job at a top consulting firm. I’d spend every Monday through Thursday hotel hopping and embarking on long plane rides just to earn the extra points and miles. Since I was traveling all the time I decided that I was really going to take advantage of the points and miles game. I would wake up at 4am on Monday mornings saying to myself, this is worth it — I am going to go on the best honeymoon ever!!! And…. I did! Plus a lot more!

Eventually my weekly business travel ended and my family travel began! I am now the mommy to two of the most amazing kids who seem to have also picked up the travel bug! Little T (my 5 year old daughter) has a strong preference for JetBlue since she is allowed to watch as much TV as she wants during the flight! And Little E (my 2 year old son) experienced his first mileage run at just 8 weeks old! I am married to Mr. Deals who sometimes thinks I am absolutely deal crazy, although he sure does love his free trips! Points, miles, and deals have allowed me to share my love of travel with my family and give them the opportunity to experience the world!

I’m thrilled to be able to share my experiences and deal knowledge with you and hope that you are able to learn a thing or two along the way!

Also, if you have any tips, tricks, deals of your own, or success stories, feel free to contact me and I will post them to the site. Also, please comment on the blog, follow me on Twitter, follow me on Facebook, follow me on Instagram, and travel free!

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  1. Hello Jennifer – I wrote the email note below on 8/17 and have not heard back from you. Today I clicked through a link on your email and the Ad Ware was worse, not only bringing up a slew of messages about my computer being infected but also not has an audio message that I must call the number on the screen. This has to be hurting your business. Please address your emial issue, I enjoy reading your blog and clicking though the links but I am afraid that I will get infected. I only have this issue clicking through on your emails.

    Please take this seriously, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


    Please check your website, I think it has been hacked. Most nights I click through your links from the daily email but for the last several days I have been getting a web page that says my computer is infected and that I need to contact them to clean it out. This only happens from your email and only in the last week or so. Please have your email or site inspected for this issue and let us know via the daily email. I do not feel safe clicking through at this point but do enjoy reading your blog so I will hold off reading until you guys notify us that the issue is resolved.

    Sorry for the hassle, I know you rather be planning your next trip instead.


    • @Rick – I am so sorry for not responding before. I am unfortunately aware of the issues and have raised this to the BoardingArea tech team. They are looking into it as this is affecting many sites and have made this a top priority. As of right now they cannot figure out what the issue is, but I promise we are all trying to resolve it.

      For now, I suggest to not click through the emails and to go straight to dealswelike.com to read the latest articles. This will ensure no AdWare pops up and will hopefully give you a better experience for now. I feel horrible that readers are experiencing this, but I do hope you continue to read my blog. I am so sorry again.

  2. Got the same thing too..it’s scary when it played a lady’s voice ‘you must call!’ at mid-night.. 🙁

    I clicked through the boardingarea webpage, not from the email.

  3. Jennifer — I just posted a comment regarding Juicy Miles but put my first and last name. If you post it, would you please delete my last name — just in case someone weird reads your blog.

    Also, when I’m at work, I’ve had the same ‘malware issues’ (on a PC) where I get stuck and have to re-start my computer. No such problem at home on my MacBook. From now on, I’ll go to your website and not click on links from e-mails.


    • @Andrea – I edited it, no problem!! Sorry that you are facing the malware issues. Not 100% sure what is causing it, but I promise we are looking into it. So sorry!

  4. Hi — I receive multiple e-mails per day from Deals We Like. I cannot figure out how to limit the number of e-mails — perhaps the daily or weekly re-cap only.

    Would you please let me know how to do this?

    Many thanks!

  5. Jennifer, I am trying to help my daughter who signed up last November for the Amex Gold offer 50,000 points plus $50 statement credit. Unfortunately now they are only giving her the 30,000 points. I can’t find the email offer or the website offer. Do you have a copy of the offer from late last year you could email to me? thanks for your help.

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