Living in NYC I’ve seen the disaster of Sandy first hand. Well actually, I haven’t been out to Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, or even Battery Park, so I’ve probably seen nothing. As Mr. Deals mentioned yesterday, we did a huge Costco run yesterday and donated essential items to a local drop off place who was then distributing these items to those areas in need. It was so wonderful to see that probably half the line at Costco was doing the same thing. We stalked up on bandaids, lysol wipes, diapers, blankets, bread, garbage bags, plastic utensils, etc.

I was very fortunate that I did not lose power, a window, a car, or most importantly a home. Many others were not that fortunate and many clean up efforts are in full effect. To help with those less fortunate, a bunch of BoardingArea bloggers (the blog platform that I am part of) are donating $1 towards the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts for each comment on  our respective Hurricane Sandy posts. Between six of us bloggers, we will donate up to $1,800 – that means 1,800 comments are needed amongst all the blogs from you all!

In addition to commenting in this blog post, there are many ways to can actually earn miles for your donation. While this is by no means a cheap way to earn miles, it is something for contributing.  Another blogger, Wandering Aramean, compiled a list of those airlines/hotels giving out miles for those who donate:

You absolutely do not have to donate at all, just need to comment stating how you would like to help others in need. Since this is for a cause, there is no prize winner, just the motivation to get some of us to match your comments and donate. Please please please just one comment per person (per bog that is).

Make sure to comment on these other bloggers post as well who have joined the relief efforts: View From the WingMommy PointsThe Wandering ArameanGhetto IFE, and Very Good Points.  At 11:59pm EST Thursday November 8th, we will tally up the comments and between the six of us donate up to $1,800.

So sorry about all the Sandy posts, but this hits close to home for me. I am so happy to see all those from around the world checking in to see what they can do to help.

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  • David m said,

    I gave to the American Red Cross last week.

    Happy to post and increase your donation amount.

  • e-foooo said,

    I volunteered in the Rockaways yesterday and I found it heartbreaking. Lovely people who have lost everything and yet who retain a sense of community, looking after each other. I am so lucky.

  • Jeff said,


  • James W said,

    It is very nice of the boarding area bloggers to come together in this time of need.

  • progapanda said,

    Thank you Mrs and Mr Dealswelike, from a fellow NYer.

  • Michael said,

    Happy to comment. We’re from Miami, so we know what those people are going through, having dealt with our share of hurricanes. Thank you.

  • Michael R. said,

    Very happy to support this effort.

  • Sam said,

    Checking out Delta points donation. Thanks for doing this! You guys rock!

  • Colleen said,

    Love this. Special shout put to my hometown of toms river/seaside heights. We will rebuild and come back stronger than ever!

  • Amodja said,

    God bless

  • Nikki O said,

    I live on the East Coast in Delaware and thankfully, my state received very little damage. It’s heartbreaking to see states so close to us such as Jersey and New York who were not as lucky. Hopefully we can all work together to help each other. Thank you Deals We Like! I didn’t realize you lived in NYC, for some reason I thought you lived in Washington DC. I’m glad to hear that your family fared well throughout the storm!

  • mw said,

    I wish I was on the east coast to help with more. Hopefully this comment helps a little.

  • Kelly said,

    Thank you for your generosity and for spreading the word about how others can help!

  • dubaych said,

    Still waiting for heat.

  • Ann said,

    I’d like to comment so that my favorite bloggers will donate. :)

  • marissa said,

    i live in new york and was very lucky in that my home was not damaged. however, some of my neighbors are still lacking hot water and electricity and it is getting colder and colder. the devastation just ten minutes away from here is unreal and heartbreaking. thanks boardingarea for your generosity!

  • Elena Garcia said,

    Thanks for ya’lls donations!

  • Dave said,

    From a Hoboken NJ resident who thankfully sustained just a little damage and just got power back Saturday, thanks for what you’re doing to support my neighbors and everyone else affected by the storm.

  • Jimmy @TravelByPoints said,

    Another dollar raised. Thanks!

  • Stacey @VeryGoodPoints said,

    Here’s another $1!

  • mommypoints said,

    Thanks for all you are doing to help!

  • Jerry said,

    good work

  • oneeyejack said,

    donate please!

  • Rayn said,

    Best wishes to those on the east coast

  • Joanna said,

    There are so many ways to donate, whether it’s time, money, or resources. Boarding Area bloggers are giving all 3, and I’m sure it’s very much appreciated by those in need!

  • Alexis L said,

    Great idea!

  • Chris said,

    You guys are great!

  • Lea said,

    I donated to the Red Cross. I’m sure your collective donation will be greatly appreciated.

  • Kevincm said,

    Just me helping out :)

  • Oliver said,

    Thanks for doing this. And don’t forget Haiti. they got Sandied, too. I am donating to CARE.

  • spe salvi said,

    I wish I can come and physically help but the next best thing is donate blood and donate $

  • Mollie said,

    Proud to have been with you on that Costco run! xo

  • Mike said,

    Big fan of this effort!

  • Andrea said,

    Brilliant idea! I’m a huge fan of this effort and applaud you for taking part :)

  • Chase said,

    I donate to the Red Cross. Thank you for doing this.

  • Sara said,

    Thank you for this! Good on ya!

  • Frequent Flyer Collector said,

    Great thing for the Boarding Area bloggers to do!

  • John said,

    American Red Cross

  • boxo said,

    Hope today’s Nor’easter hasn’t caused too much more havoc.

  • Joy said,

    thank you!

  • Sheryl said,

    I donate to the Red Cross.

  • Pinky said,

    Thank you

  • Stephanie said,

    Thanks for pitching in – much appreciated!

  • Lee said,

    Happy to take your money :-)

  • Mark said,

    Many Thanks

  • peachfront said,

    Thanks for the donation!

  • Adam said,

    Go Mrs. Deals!

  • reeder said,

    Thanks for the donation!

  • Merrily said,

    you rock!

  • Jeanne said,

    Another Comment, another dollar

  • Amy C said,

    thank you for helping!

  • Halo said,

    Very well done indeed, indeed.

  • Kodoma said,

    Here is one more!

  • riverchica said,

    This is great! Thanks for donating!

  • Tyler said,

    Right on! Great idea!

  • George said,

    Thanks for your generosity

  • Bill N said,

    Good job

  • Paladin said,

    Great job on you both!

  • Perryplatypus said,

    Great cause

  • Taryn H said,

    Ya’ll are great! Good job!

  • Jackie said,

    I’d like to bring supplies to family on LI still without power after this second storm. Thanks for your help!

  • Dina said,

    One comment at a time to help people :)

  • Mattolo said,

    Donate for me!

  • Jessica said,

    I wish I could send care packages to everyone

  • glen said,

    I donated to the Red Cross.

  • Joe said,

    Great idea by all of you, keep up the good work!

  • Mr. Deals in law said,

    Great you are doing this. I am also planning to hit the Red Cross to leave a long overdue pint which I understand is needed as well.

  • Mrs deals in law said,

    Thanks for doing this!!

  • Jordan said,

    This is a great idea and is incredibly generous!

  • Abhishek Duggal said,

    By doing whatever is in my capacity.

  • Theresa said,

    Thanks for doing this. I donate to Red Cross monthly, was told this helps with their budgeting.

  • Marlene said,

    excellent idea!

  • JoshL said,

    Never knew a simple comment could help out like this :)

  • Alicia said,

    I donated to Occupy Sandy … and hope to go tomorrow to Staten island and donate time. This is a great idea!! thank you.

  • Emma said,

    Good luck with the fundraising efforts!

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