Southwest Extending Their Schedule Tomorrow — Book Flights for Summer 2020

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Southwest works very differently than most other US carriers. Instead of having their flight schedule available 330 days out, they push out their booking window in batches a few months at a time. As of right now, you can only book Southwest flights through June 6, 2020. Starting tomorrow, however, they will extend their reservation schedule through August 10, 2020. Get ready to book most of your summer 2020 flights!

From past experience, booking the day the schedule is released could get you the best prices for peak travel dates. For this release, this could mean right when school gets out or July 4th weekend.

Since Southwest has no change or cancelation fees, you can book now and cancel later if you need to. This also means if a Southwest flight drops in price, you can get the difference back simply by going through the process of “changing” your flight. If you pay for your flight, you’ll end up with a voucher if you cancel or if the price goes down, but if you use points, the points will simply go back into the account they were booked from. Essentially if you…

  • Paid for the flight (non-refundable fare)… You will receive a voucher for the difference in fare price (or full fare price if you are canceling) to be used one year from the date the flight was originally purchased (NOT the date the change/cancelation took place). This voucher is non-transferable. The voucher will be tied to the confirmation number of the original flight. There is NO fee for this.
  • Paid for the flight (refundable fare)… You will receive the difference in fare price back to the credit card you used to pay for the flight.
  • Booked your flight using points… The difference in points will go back into your account immediately. Again, there is NO fee for this. This is why I love booking Southwest flights using points!

Now, if you receive a Southwest Travel Fund from canceling a flight, Southwest will automatically track it for you with their new enhanced system.


As of now, the schedule extension should be tomorrow, Dec. 11, 2019so if you are planning on booking a flight for the rest of June, all of July and into August, I suggest being on your computer early in the morning to book those peak flights. Southwest doesn’t have a set time on when the schedule is released and I’ve seen it as early as 6am EST and as late as 11am EST, so just being available and continuously refreshing your screen is your best chance of scoring a cheap fare.

I’ll be sure to let you all know tomorrow when the schedule is officially extended.

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  1. Didn’t happen today even though their web site states August 15th. Do we know when they will open their schedule up?

  2. Thanks for reminding us so that we can plan ahead! Unlike some bloggers who “announce” new SWA booking dates 2-3 days after the fact ;-).

    • @Paula – It is still set to open today, but it just hasn’t been released yet. It used to be around 6-7am EST, but last go-around was around 9-10am EST. Later in the morning might start to be the new trend, but I am not sure yet. I’ll be sure to announce when the schedule has opened.

  3. Past 10:30 am on east coast… I’ve been up since 5 am… still no extension to the schedule. I called and they said 9:15 CST which would have been 20 mins ago. Sigh…. I love Southwest except that you can’t plan travel past 5 months… and they don’t keep their word about the extension dates… sometimes early, sometimes late.

    • Right after I typed that, they opened up schedule… ha. But disappointed to find much higher prices than their usual. They’ve changed since starting Hawaii routes. SAD!!!

  4. Updated sometime between 10:35 AM and 11:06 AM. All “Wanna Get Away” fares on my route show as sold out. Does this mean they didn’t actually offer this fare, or that other people hit “refresh” more often than I did and bought up all the cheap tickets?

  5. Can you confirm when using points and you change a flight to get a refund for a lower fare that the tickets doesn’t become non refundable after that meaning no more changes or cancel without forfeiting the points because every time I try to do this I get a message saying that this ticket will now be non refundable even though it is booked with points

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