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Over the past month or so, I’ve gone through an entire series on the Chase Ultimate Rewards program. This program has received much publicity over the past year and it is definitely a top program for flexible travel. So with these posts, I’ve received MANY comments and questions that I think would be great to broadcast for all my readers. Here you go!

Question 1: I recently (less than a week ago) got approved for a Sapphire Preferred and Ink Bold card. So I am hoping to get the full UR points after I fulfill spending requirements in given time. Since 50k UR points can be used for booking air-ticket worth $625, my Q is, Can I use 100k points to book an air ticket worth $1250??

Answer 1: Yes, you are absolutely able to combine your points into one account and then redeem the entire 100k. While all the points do not get clumped into the same bucket, you are able to easily transfer points from one account to another – for free.

Question 2: Any tips for getting BOTH the Ink and Sapphire Preferred at the same time? Is there a two browser trick?

Answer 2: Unlike the Citi American Airlines credit card, there is no two browser trip. You can absolutely apply for both card, but be prepared to initially get declined for the 2nd one you apply for. Chase has gotten strict recently about the amount of Chase applications in a short time period. However, a quick call to the reconciliation department and having them transfer some lines of credit around will probably work and get you approved for the 2nd applied card.

Question 3: If you book a hotel with UR Points, do you get your hotel program points for the cost of the stay? What about credit toward status?

Answer 3: Absolutely! When using your Ultimate Rewards points it is as if you paid with cash. Thus, you get your points, credit towards status, and any perks you get if you have status with the airline/hotel.

Question 4: Are transferred UR points to Southwest Rapid Rewards good toward the companion pass?

Answer 4: Southwest is a relatively a new loyalty partner to the Chase Ultimate Rewards program, but unfortunately if transferred over, they do not count towards companion pass status. They do, however, count when transferring from the Marriott Rewards partner program. Therefore, a roundabout way to get them to count is to transfer your Ultimate Reward points to Marriott Rewards and then to Southwest. Keep in mind though, while Ultimate Rewards transfer to Marriott at a 1:1 rate, when transferring from Marriott to Southwest you do not get the best conversion rate, thus losing some of your points. This can be valuable though if you need to top off your account for the companion pass.

Question 5: Is it possible to transfer points from my wife’s Ultimate Rewards account to my Ultimate Rewards account? She doesn’t have the Sapphire Preferred card yet and wants me to manage all points for us both.

Answer 5: Yes, you can transfer points from anyways account to your account. This is not limited to only family members or those with the same address – it is available to anyone! So, as mentioned in this blog post, you can transfer your UR points to anyways account and then transfer those points to their loyalty program. This is a way to maximize your Chase Freedom points and not pay an annual fee.

Question 6: Do miles transferred from Freedom get the Sapphire 7% bonus?

Answer 6: Technically no, but many have reported being able to get the 7% bonus on those transferred points. This is definitely a “your miles will vary” situation.

Question 7: If you combine your Freedom points with the Sapphire points do you need to use them prior to canceling the sapphire card when the annual fees comes due? Or can you transfer any remaining points back to the freedom pot? Can they go back and forth?

Answer 7: Since all points earned remain in their own individual account, if you cancel a card you must use the points or transfer the points to a card’s account that is not being cancelled. So in this example, you must transfer your Chase Sapphire Preferred account to your Chase Freedom account. All your points will then be linked to your Chase Freedom card and you will not be able to transfer those points to partner loyalty program. However, through a roundabout way (which I’ve described many times) you can then transfer those Chase Freedom points (when you are ready) to a friend/family members Chase Sapphire Preferred account and have them transfer the points to a partner loyalty program in your name.

Question 8: When I signed up for Freedom 2-3 years ago, I did not receive any sign up points. Do you think if I call them they will give me points or is that a waste of time?

Answer 8: While there is no definite answer to this, it is absolutely worth calling and finding out. Typically Chase will match a new offer bonus within 90 days of applying for your card. What you will probably have to do is re-apply for the card to receive the bonus points since you never received any the first time.

Question 9: How exactly does the “Chase Exclusives” program work for the Chase Freedom card.

Answer 9: The “Chase Exclusives” is a great way to earn extra points that is not talked about too often. You must have the Chase Freedom card and a Chase checking account. There are two bonuses:

    • 10% extra points on Chase Freedom card purchases – For example, a $100 purchase will actually net you 110 points. If this purchase was part of one of the quarterly bonus categories you would earn 510 points (you will not earn a 10% bonus on the 5% bonus – no double dipping!)
    • 10 bonus points on every purchase – Every time your Chase Freedom card is swiped, you will earn 10 bonus points. For example, 10 five cent purchases will earn you 50 bonus points while 1 $100 purchase will earn you 10 bonus points – moral of the story… split up your purchase into multiple transactions!

It will take a month or two to “kick in” automatically once you have both accounts (Chase Freedom and Chase Checking). However, if you call Chase they should be able to manually credit the points to your account prior to it fully linking to the exclusives program.

Question 10: Does it make more sense to transfer points to an airline program for redemption or book travel through ultimate rewards?

Answer 10: It really depends on your travel desires, however, typically the best redemption value will come from transferring your points to Hyatt, United, or British Airways. You can learn more about my take on the redemption values for airlines here and hotels here.

 Now, here are all the cards that can earn you Ultimate Reward points

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred application – 40,000 points after $4,000 spend in 3 months plus an additional 5,000 points when adding an authorized user and the user makes a purchase within the first 3 months from account opening; $95 annual fee waived the first year.
  • Chase Sapphire application – 10,000 bonus points with $500 spend in 3 months; no annual fee. This card is no longer available for new applicants.
  • Chase Ink Bold card: 50,000 bonus points with $5,000 spend in 3 months; $95 annual fee waived for the first year. This card is no longer available for new applicants. 
  • Chase Ink Plus card: 50,000 bonus points with $5,000 spend in 3 months; $95 annual fee waived for the first year.
  • Chase Ink Cash application –
  • Chase Freedom Visa application – 10,000 bonus points with $500 spend in 3 months; no annual fee

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links where I get paid commission if you apply and get approved for a credit card. I will only list the best credit card offers as my goal is for you to travel for free! As always, your support is much appreciated!

Editorial Note: Opinions, analyses, reviews or suggestions expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer.

  • ArizonaGuy said,

    Question 5 – while it does work to transfer between any two accounts, the terms and conditions do say it’s intended for spouses to consolidate. I’ve taken advantage of the lax control on this but it may eventually go away. One never knows.

  • ArizonaGuy said,

    To find that restriction, you can click the Help link near the top once logged into the site. From there you’ll open the FAQ and the first question under “Combine Points” has this:

    Once points are transferred, they cannot be credited back. Transfers may only be used to combine points belonging to the same individual or business in the program; or for the purpose of enabling spouses or domestic partners to combine points. Chase will not make the transfer if the credit card account(s) or checking account(s), as applicable, are in default at the time of the transfer.

  • Alex said,

    When should I apply for the Sapphirre Preferred card? I’ve been trying to find a good travel VISA card and I like what this card has to offer. I just got approved for the Amex Gold card. Do you think if I got this Gold card that I would have a good enough chance to get the Preferred card?

  • dealswelike said,

    @Alex – You should be able to get the Preferred card. Just make sure to get it during a time when you will be able to spend $3,000 in 3 months.

  • Sarah said,

    Has anyone had any luck opening a Chase checking account if you live in a state that doesn’t have a Chase branch? I just tried to open one over the phone and was told I couldn’t because I live in a state (NH) that doesn’t have a Chase branch.

  • dealswelike said,

    @Sarah – did you try to open one online?

  • Sarah said,

    Yes, I tried online first and was denied as soon as I put in my zip code, after that I tried the phone and was told I could only open an account if I lived in a state with a branch.

  • Devon said,

    The Chase Terms states you can’t already have a rewards card in the same program and you aren’t eligible for a 2nd bonus. But it seems many of you have both the Sapphire Preferred(which I have) and the Ink, so am I missing a workaround or can I just apply for the Ink with no worries?

  • dealswelike said,

    @Devon – These are two different programs so we are able to get the bonus for each card. Chase Sapphire Preferred is a personal card, where Chase Ink Bold is a business card. No workaround at all. You can apply with no worries!

  • thewhitezone said,

    making sure I understand your answer to #3. If I redeem UR points for air travel, I still earn miles for the flight? Are these EQM? What if I book an AA flight via BA, do I get AAdvantage credit for the flight?

  • dealswelike said,

    @thewhitezone – Redeeming UR points for air travel gets you the same miles/EQMs as you would if you book directly with the airline. For booking AA flights via BA, typically you get the credit, but it depends on the fare class booked.

  • kat said,

    do i have to use the ultimate reward site to book travel/use my points or can i do so by simply using my card for a purchase?

  • dealswelike said,

    @kat – you must use the ultimate reward site to book travel using your points.

  • Larry S said,

    Chase rewards SUCKS!

    W just spent an hour and half choosing a hotel, entered ALL the required info into the web site, and with the last key stroke required, the site comes back to say our selected room is not available through the rewards program. When we called Chase Cust. service the response was “We know,” that’s how our site works.

    Why on earth wouldn’t they have their site reject your request in the first page? Or better yer, not even show unavailable rooms in the first place. Now we how to go through the whole process of finding another suitable room, go through the whole ordering process just to find out if what we want is available. UNACCEPTABLE!! We will blow out our points and move to another card ASAP!

  • Mike said,

    Please forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere- I haven’t found an answer. How quickly do UR sign-up bonus points post? Is it like Membership Rewards where they post almost immediately after the spend is completed, or is it more like Citi where the points post after the first statement closes?

    I have a redemption in mind that is available, so I’ll spend immediately if it posts quickly. But if I need to wait until the statement close date, then I have a slightly different spending strategy.

    Thanks for the help!

  • dealswelike said,

    @Mike – It has been awhile since I was approved so I cannot recall from personal experience, but I remember it being quite quick. Not sure though.

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