Free Money with Amex Sync 101: Overview and FAQs

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I wrote this post slightly over a year now, but with all the AMAZING Amex Sync promotions I wanted to post it again for everyone to read. This might answer some questions you have regarding the American Express Sync promotions that I write about often and how to maximize. I have a 201, 301, and 401 follow up on this post so stay tuned to next week. So here you go.

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you are probably aware that I love FREE money… I mean, who doesn’t! Although not a money tree, American Express comes to a close second! For over two year nows, American Express has had many promotions where all you need to do is sync your Amex credit card and on certain promotional purchases you’ll receive a statement credit. To date, I’ve received about $2,000 in FREE MONEY from American Express (I’ve lost track)! While this does take some effort (although not much), there is a real benefit here.

So let’s go through the basis:

  1. Which cards qualify? You can register almost all cards that have the American Express logo. For example, this includes, American Express Platinum and Gold, Hilton American Express, American Airlines American Express, Starwood American Express, American Express for Students, Bloomingdales American Express, Macys American Express, etc. You get the picture! The only cards that do not qualify are corporate American Express cards. Prepaid cards also do NOT qualify.
  2. Which means of social media allow me to sync my credit cards? Twitter, Foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook. If you do not have these three accounts, get them just for the promotional benefits. TripAdvisor is new as of a few months ago and Foursquare really has nothing anymore. The MAJOR one is Twitter.
  3. How do I sync my American Express card to these social media sites? You will need to sync your card with all three:
    1. Twitter: Sync your American Express card here
    2. Foursquare: Sync your American Express card here
    3. Facebook: Sync your American Express card here
    4. TripAdvisor: Sync your American Express card here
  4. Once my card is synced am I all set? Unfortunately no. Your card is synced, but then you must register for each particular promotion. Some promotions are available via all three social media methods, while others are limited to one or the other. Some promotions are also only available through the “Offers for You” tab on your account, but more on that in a future post in the series.
  5. So then how do I register for a particular promotion? Each of the four social media sites, have a different method. Below are the basics, but I will dedicate another post to the step by step directions for each:
    1. Twitter: You must “tweet” the promotion code, with the hash tag included
    2. Foursquare: You must “check in” at the participating merchant.
    3. Facebook: You must “like” the promotion in the “Link, Like, Love” app.
    4. TripAdvisor: You must find the particular promotion you are interested in and “Save to Card”
  6. Am I able to get the promotion multiple times if I registered via all three social media channels? You used to be able to double or triple dip, but American Express has now linked up all promotions so you will only be eligible once per card.
  7. Am I able to get the promotion more than once if I have multiple Amex credit cards? Although you are only eligible for the statement credit once per card, no one is stopping you from having multiple social media accounts, right? So let’s say you have three Amex cards, you can have three Twitter accounts, for example, all with a different card synced to it. This will allow you to maximize your statement credits. Just make sure to register all accounts and keep track on the cards being used. There will be more on this in a future post.
  8. How long should the credit appear on my statement? In my experience all credits have appeared within a week! Sometimes within days.
  9. Am I able to purchase gift cards at a promotional merchant? Typically yes! For example, right now American Express will give you a $25 statement credit with a $250 or more purchase at Best Buy. Purchasing a $250 Best Buy gift card to use at a future date will trigger the statement credit.
  10. How do I find the various promotions? For starters, my Free Money page does a great job on having the latest American Express syncing promotions (not to toot my own horn or anything!). This page is updated weekly (if not more), so you can keep on checking if any new ones have been added. You are also able to find out on the respective social media channels:
    1. Twitter: This Twitter page lists out all of the Twitter synching promotion.
    2. Foursquare: Go to Explore > Specials on your Foursquare app and you will be able to find the sync promotions that are in your local area.
    3. Facebook: On your Facebook account, click on the “Amex Sync” app on the left-hand column. This will list all the Facebook sync promotions. If you are in New York or Los Angeles, make sure to update your zip code as there are some specific promotions for those two cities. Hopefully other cities will be added in the near future.
    4. TripAdvisor: This page lists all the promotions.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions and I’ll add them to the list above. And stay tuned to post Free Money 201, 301, and 401 where I go into more detail on these promotions.

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  1. […] But you can really make out big on this offer. You can register multiple AmEx cards, and you can get your $25 statement credit by buying a $100 Costco gift card online. So it’s like a $100 card for only $75, multiplied across as many American Express cards as you have. UPDATE: As someone noted in the comments, you’ll need multiple social media accounts since you can only sync one card per account. However, it’s fairly easy to set up multiple accounts. Facebook supposedly wants each person to only have one account; I signed up back when it was college students only, so I have no idea how hard it is to do this anymore. But I do know it’s easy to set up multiple Twitter accounts. Deals We Like has a good introduction to getting started with Link, Like, Love. […]

  2. […] As with all other Amex syncing promotions, you must register for the offer via one of the three social media methods. Additionally, Amex limits the number of people who register, so might as well register now. You can learn more about these promotions and how to sync/unsync your Amex credit card in this prior… […]


    • @daniel – I have a costco card. If you have a friend with a costco account you can sign in using their information.

  1. what a great post. I reread this now for the whole foods promo. Quick question: do the prepaid cards qualify (bluebird, target, campus ed)?

  2. aahh.. I thought so. Otherwise this would be too easy to game. Time to get more amex cards. Do you know if you can get 2 personal cards on the same day? I’m trying to keep low inquiries.

  3. Great post…reading the blogs I kept seeing amex sync deals, but didn’t really understand what it was. As a newbie I found this very helpful. Thanks.

  4. Does the Amazon sync have to be a single purchase? For example, do two orders of $45 on the same card count. I want one of the items to go to a different address (a Christmas gift) but wanted the free shipping on both packages. I know I could get a gift certificate, but I already made one purchase. The language is not clear on the My Offers page.

  5. Foursquare is still useful (for most B&M store promos) for people who want to sync multiple cards to multiple social apps instead of creating duplicate fb/twtr accounts… worked successfully for recent Best Buy and JCP promo

  6. Unfortunately Australian card holders only have access to the tripadvisor signup, and the process wont validate amex (I tried two of my cards) for twitter or foursquare.

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